6 Tips to Create Strong Do It Yourself Solar Panels

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Published: 29th October 2012
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With the progress of green technologies, solar power is no longer considered to be theoretical or impractical source of renewable energy. We have now reached the stage where solar power installation is a cost effective solution for house owners. But even with the price drop of solar power systems many are still unable to afford ready-made systems. Generating your own electricity by installing solar system at your home is a considerable investment. However this should not be to much of a disappointment for you. Instead it should be a source of motivation to design, build, and install strong and long lasting DIY solar panels. Many naysayers will tell you that building your own solar panels is highly technical and nearly impossible task. That is obviously incorrect. Here are some practical, start up tips for building your own solar power systems.

Start with the most important part of solar power system

PV panels are the base of the solar power system. These are in charge of transmitting the solar energy and turning it into electrical power. However PV panels are not even close to being low priced. Solar panels are constructed from solar cells which you can buy individually when building your own DIY solar panels. Solar cells are available for purchasing online. Solar cells can be found in different rated "classes",A,B and C, where A has the finest quality and is the most expensive. It is recommended to go with class A solar cells when building your own solar panels. A typical homemade solar panel produces at least 18 kilo-volts of energy and is constructed from at least 32 solar cells. You can use those figures to approximate how big your solar power project.

Framing the solar cells

A simple, wood container can be used to frame the solar cells. Work carefully because solar cells are extremely fragile. To keep the cells stable for external installation make sure you use a sturdy frame. The cables and diodes of your DIY solar panel will also be placed in the container. Take additional care in the frame construction. The construction does not require too much expertise. Just make sure you are committed to quality, that will ensure the durability of your DIY solar panels.

Solar Cells Protection

Use Plexiglass to cover up the front side of the solar cells. This will protect the surface of your solar panel and ensure its long life. To fix the Plexiglass onto the front surface of your DIY solar panel simply use silicone caulk. Protect the wires with electrical tape. A solid solder work can also help a lot in making sure that the connections in the cell series will last for years.

Buying a kit to help with the assembly process

For a less troubling project you can buy an all inclusive solar power kit which contains everything you need to assemble your own solar power system. concerned with not finding the right components for your solar energy system, you can buy an all inclusive kit that has everything you need to assemble your own DIY solar energy project. This is a more expensive approach that will make sure you have all the right components to start your solar energy project. This kit costs 200 bucks, but will help you when starting your DIY solar energy project.

Reliable installation will make a difference

Good DIY solar panels is only one aspect of ensuring durability for your solar energy systems, to guarantee your system will actually last for a long time make sure you install it correctly. Construction of your panel should be taken into consideration. It needs to be able to support the panels completely. Positioning also plays a role in your panel's durability and performance. Ask for professional help if you are not 100% sure you can do a good job throughout the installation. Professionals only need a short amount of time to get your solar system installed and operating.

It is important to purchase top quality parts for your solar energy system.

To ensure the long life of your solar power system, buy only the components that have long lasting warranties. That way you can protect your initial investment. By starting with a small project, which you execute all by yourself, you can still produce an economically and ecologically profitable solar energy system for home.

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